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Join Us today and experience the excitement in studying, working and travelling abroad. At Stuweb Educational Recruitment Centre, our programs are designed so that you can become more than just a tourist but also experience life abroad firsthand by working alongside local people and other participating students from around the world in temporary employment and to share your own traditions and cultures with them. We also help students gain admissions to Universities and Colleges Abroad for graduate and post graduate courses.
 Summer Work & Travel USA
Our Summer Work and Travel program in the United States provides paid working holiday opportunities for you to work during your summer vacation as well as travel and experience daily life in the U.S. We intend that your work & travel (working holiday) opportunities in the U.S. will contribute to your lifelong personal and professional growth. 
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 University Placement Abroad
Stuweb Educational Recruitment Centre gives you a special offer of gaining admission to a University or College Abroad for graduate and post graduate courses. This special offer is designed for students who wish to continue or further their education abroad, and this feature gives you a life time experience of studying with different people at different parts of the world. 
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 Visit to the UK
For students who want to travel to the U.K. during winter and summer vacations as tourists, Stuweb Educational Recruitment Centre has a comprehensive arrangement with regards to visa acquisition, accomodation, insurance and various tourist attractions in the U.K. 
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